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Do you have water flooding areas in your Mission Viejo home but not sure who to phone? When water or flood damage emergencies happen in homes, they happen in different parts and for different causes.

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Read on to learn some common causes of water flood damage that we have dealt with over the years. Hiring a professional can assess accurately the nature and extent of damage to the structure and hygiene of the home, it’s always easy for DIY enthusiasts and competent homeowners to categorize the nature flooded areas they might be dealing with and take decisive action.

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Our Water Damage Process – What to Expect

Removing water from carpets in Mission Viejo CA
Removing water from carpets in Mission Viejo CA

Dripping roof and ceiling

By the time you start seeing the first drips from the ceiling boards, the damage is already underway above it. Wet ceilings may be as a result of a old leaky roof with holes, missing parts or poor drainage. A roof what literary defines your home and any damage to it should be dealt with promptly to avoid compromising the whole house.

Flooded basements

A flooded basement in Mission Viejo pose a significant threat to the health of the occupants of a home starting with a moldy odor that keeps getting worse. It can serve as a breeding ground for all sorts of vermin and risky place to work in due to poor indoor air quality. Being the lowest part of the home, the basement is the most likely to get flooded in the event of a massive storm of poorly designed and clogged drainage systems.

fire and water damage

Wet wall interiors

Wetting dry walls is another sign of water penetration taking root in your home. Walls may become damp if water is dripping from above or rising from the ground by capillary action. Such water may cause paint to peel off and mold to grow causing serious health problems. Walls also bulge and their structural integrity may be soon compromised.

Floor board warping

The floor is also yet another part of the home that suffers the most water damage in case of flooding. Wooden floors are perhaps the worst hit because they start to warp on seeping in too much moisture. Wetness may be concealed by carpets or other overlying flooring materials of choice making early detection difficult.

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Broken fixtures and faucets

When you are dealing with a leaking faucet, loose bathroom or kitchen fixtures that keep failing, you should bear in mind that the situation can escalate pretty quickly. These evolve to much costlier problems requiring emergency plumbing and water damage restoration almost always.

fire and water damage

Leaking pipes

Your plumbing could be the problem as it is for many homeowners requiring our services. Hot water pipes could be busted, cracked or disjointed causing leakages which amount to risky flooding inside the home.

Natural disaster flooding

Finally, it is worth noting that even the most vigilant homeowners sometimes find themselves in a flood event due to an act of God. Sometimes Mother Nature will throw in a not so pleasant surprise and you might find yourself in need of water damage company service.

water damage wall

If you should eve find yourself in one of these tricky situations, then it is high time to call in our professional water damage cleanup expert in Mission Viejo.

Begin the water damage repair process by following these steps

Step 1: Ventilate wet areas. Try turning on air conditioning for accelerated drying in summer. In winter, employ alternate cycles of heating and opened windows.

Step 2: Remove saturated rugs and carpets when hardwood floors are at risk.

Step 3: Remove standing water from flat surfaces by sponging and blotting.

Step 4: Stay out of rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water.

Step 5: Transport computers to a dry environment; remove cases and blow dry with low pressure, low heat air.

Step 6: Remove lamps, telephones and decorative items from wet furniture tops.

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water damage wall

Water Damage Restoration Companies - Importance of Hiring Them

Water damage within your home can be serious or minor. If you have had more than an inch of flooding we would consider that minor flooding. If you have had 6 inches or more of water that has flooded an area, we would consider that very serious. This article is to help you know what to do if you have had these things happen to you in your home.

If you have had a minor flooding problem, home water damage repair can be fairly simple. First of all if you have carpet you MUST pull it up and run several fans to air it out. Most of the time you can save your carpet if you immediately pull it up and air it out and dry it. If it sits in water more than 24 hours you will have mold start to grow which is extremely deadly and most likely will end up with you having to replace the carpet. Also if you have had minimal flooding, you will not have to tear up any walls and do preventative mold maintenance. Remember, if you have minimal flooding, rip up those carpets immediately to save them!

If you don't have the time to do these repairs yourself, hiring a water damage repair contractor would be a great idea. They are quick, and very effective about ensuring your home is safe after severe water damage. They are also experts in assessing the damage and most of the time send the claims to your insurance company to make sure you get everything covered.

Water Damage Mold Risks and Removal

Dealing with water damage can be a traumatic experience. You feel a loss of control in your own home! The feeling only gets worse if you have a company come in and rip apart your walls, carpet, furniture, and rummage through your personal items! After dealing with all this aggravation and more, you get "rewarded" with a bill for $1,000's!

This does not have to be your experience with water damage.

You already have the ability to clean up your own water damage, you just need the know-how! Below is a step-by-step skeleton of what the actions you should take in remediating your own water damage.

Ensure Your Furniture is Safe- Check for structural damage and if water affected absorbent areas.

Drying Equipment- You will need to use air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers after you finish the demolition and restoration process. These pieces of equipment will allow your home to dry properly.

Deal with Insurance Companies- After you remediate your water damage, you will have to deal with your insurance company and make sure the insurance company pays you the money you deserve!

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